Hitori No Shita Season 3 – In recent years, except for Hitori no Shita The Outcast Season 3, many fans and otaku have not realized that the anime sequel has been released in China.

The English subtitled version of his new series will be released shortly. But now the public has raised the question of whether there will be the fourth quarter. You need to understand it.

Where Did the Idea of ​​this One Series Finally Come From?


Hitori No Shita The Outcast is an animation series adapted from the Chinese webcomic “Iren Zixia” or “Under One Man.” The first season of Japan-China Cooperative Animation premiered in July 2016. The series received most of the positive reviews and gained huge fans overnight.

Due to growing demand, animation company Amon sent a green signal for its sequel. The second season it was aired in January 2018, two full years later. The third season of Hitori No Shita The Outcast will soon be renewed.

Hitori No Shita Exiled Season 3 Update Details and Sanctioned Trailer

Let us tell you that the second season of Chinese animation is excellent and popular. Perhaps that is why its manufacturers did not delay their fans in maintaining their participation.

Hitori No Shita Season 3 Release Date


If we go to Hitori no Shita, the long-awaited first anime season will begin in China on April 24, 2020. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Emmon showed all episodes of the series, including 12 episodes.

The animation company did not specify the reason for the decline in episodes. The season finale (Episode 8) aired on June 5, 2020. However, all of these episodes are released in Chinese, and fans worldwide are still waiting for the English subtitled version.

When Will the English Subtitles Be Released?

When Crunchyroll released the English subtitled version of the previous season, fans waited for the hit anime to be released. However, Eamon only released the Chinese dubbed version of the show in the country. Hitori No Shita’s international fan The Outcast Season 3 is still waiting for its premiere on Crunchyroll with English subtitles.

Crunchyroll has not announced the official release date of Hitori No Shita The Outcast Season 3 with English subtitles. However, since the animation has already been broadcast in China, the subtitles may not exceed a few months. Currently, the show’s international audience may have to wait until the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

Will “Hitori No Shita the Outcast” Have a Fourth Season?


It is too early to expect to renew the fourth season. However, in the whole story, there is still room for more plot. Therefore, more deliveries are expected.

Nevertheless, Aemon Hitori no Shita may not give The Outcast Season 4 the green light anytime soon. Depending on the release model of the series, the production of the fourth season may take about two years. S4 episodes may decline in the middle of 2022.

Hitori No Shita The Outcast Season 3 is a confusing season with many unfinished plots. So we’re hoping that season four can tie in all of these plot points. Pay close attention to this corner for all future updates related to the third and fourth parts of the Hitori no Shita anime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there only season 3 of Hitori No Shita?

Season 3 of Hitori no Shita has begun. Season 3 was released on April 24, 2020. This season is the result of the Chinese production team.

What Do You Think Of The Next Person In Season Three?

Now you can watch “One Trial: More Outcast” on Crunchyroll, VRV with ads for free streaming, or download it from Apple iTunes.

Is Hitori No Shita Season 4 coming?

Zhang Chulan, Feng Baobao, first unveiled at the 2020 Tencent Video Animation Conference Event on August 8th, the gang we loved so much in companies and outsiders Hitori no Shita: The Outcast anime Season 4 Return to. 2020.

What is the third season under people?

Season 3 premiered on April 24, 2020. The play tells the story of Zhou Suoran, an ordinary college student. He grew up very normally until a terrible incident occurred in a small town while attending his grandfather’s funeral.

Are you marginalized on Netflix?

Why are you not marginalized on Netflix in the United States? Outlast will not appear and will never appear on Netflix in the United States. That’s because there was no broadcast protocol for the show; instead, Cinemax chose to keep the show on its platform.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we told you how Hitori no Shita went converted from a webcomic to a series and started ruling many people’s hearts. Its almost three seasons have come, whose third season people liked more and people are waiting for its fourth season. If you are a fan of horror movies, then you must check out the information on IT chapter 3.

We hope you like the article if you have any suggestions or need any alterations to the article. Please feel free to reach us.


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