There are times in GTA 5 where you get stuck, and the only solution is to jump through the sky or buildings and helicopters. So that players can defend themselves in the game! But if you do not know how to use a parachute, then what can you do?

When Is a Parachute Used in a GTA 5 Game?

When you get the parachute, seeing you in difficulty or stuck at high altitude, you will see its option on your screen by itself. But still, it becomes complicated to operate the parachute and land without causing any serious injury.

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How Many Parachutes Are There in the GTA 5 Game?


There are 13 parachutes in this game, which keep on updating depending on the time and progress of your game. Therefore, it is imperative to learn how to use them before moving them.

Because it is the practice that makes a person capable of a player. In GTA 5, we will walk you through this article on how to fly a parachute step by step;

How to Use Parachute in GTA 5 in PC/PS or XBOX


Once a player acquires a parachute from AmmuNation, it has been added to their inventory; then all you require to arrange is to go to the highest point of your choice.

  1. When the player feels that he needs to jump from a building or aircraft, To open the parachute, the player has to extend his arms outwards; as soon as you do this, the option of the parachute will appear on your screen.   
  2. Then you’ll need to tap your hotkey preset to deploy the parachute: “F” on PC, “X” on PlayStation, and “A” on Xbox devices. 
  3. After deploying the parachute, the player will have to control the direction of the drop using the direction keys. You will be on special alert while landing, as a small mistake can lead to fatal injury.
  4. Players need to hold opposite directions on their control devices or LB and RB on Xbox devices, L1 and R1 on PlayStations, and Shift on PC before landing. It is essential to execute a proper landing Because your sudden steps can throw you to the ground, leading to fatal injury or even death.

How to Use Parachute in GTA 5 Video Guide

If you have any doubts regarding the above-mentioned steps, then you can watch this video. As it will definitely clear all your doubts related to parachutes in GTA 5.

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Wrapping Up

By following these steps correctly and with a bit of practice, you’ll be able to use the parachute machine in any of the thirteen missions in GTA 5 and be a master at outwitting anyone in the game. 

Accurate and proper practice is the only step towards work and victory in sports and life. We hope you liked this article; please tell us in the comment section and check the following post about the game world!


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