Old School Runescape – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide (2024)

When gaming is not your passion but a building craze, you have a lot of things coming up for yourself. At this time, you need to get started from a point. When getting started, Old School Runescape is the feasible option to begin with. 

For the beginners, it is one of the accessible games that works fine. You may find it difficult but it is not tricky at all. You just have to follow an OSRS Agility Guide that will help you in getting started with the game and process with it. 

Understand the game interface 

Old School Runescape interface 

The very first thing you need to focus on is the game interface. Though it does not look too fancy or flash still it requires a bit of attention. In the first go, you won’t be able to understand the controls and everything. So, it is better to get familiar with the interface. It helps you to move fast with controls and progress with the game while playing. 

Have a tutorial in the beginning 

Old School Runescape tutorial

The beginning tutorial in the game is an ideal option for you to understand the interface. It is the right way to get hold of everything in the box. The tutorial is detailed and contains all the minor and major actions you need to know. 

The beginning of the tutorial lets you know about the sections of the game, all controls and everything. It helps you in knowing the interface and tools. You will get to hands on the small practices that help in going smooth with the overall game. 

During the tutorial you will have an introduction to each section and some tips. These tips help you in making a better deal. Do not ignore these tips. But, be careful with the selection of these tips. You cannot use all of them at once as there can be reparations. So, during the process, have patience. 

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Never miss out mini games

Old School Runescape minigame

OSRS contains some of the minigames in the box for you. These minigames are a source for you to earn some points, goodies, tools, and more including OSRS gold. It is essential that you are paying attention to these minigames. 

By playing the mini games regularly, you can unlock more features and packs. These packs and upgrades help you to play the game with more power and improve the ranking. 

Consider a chat with other players 

Old School Runescape chat

The game lets you have a chat room. Here you can connect with the other players giving you some tips, offers and more. It is a source to build a community and be a part of it. Once you are on board in the game, do not miss out the chance to connect with players. It lets you have some fun and enjoy the best gaming time. 

Set some goals! 

Gaming requires you to set some goals of your own. As a beginner you cannot beat the professional gamers, but you begin with the new things. It turns out that you will look into each and every section first and then plan your strategy. Play it well so you will be able to have more fun from a simple game. 

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