Shrek 5: All You Need To Know About The Film

Shrek 5: Shrek is one of the most popular animated series loved by people of all age groups be it, kids or adults, the first movie of the Shrek series was released in the year 2001. 

It was a huge success and after that, the second part of the Shrek that is Shrek 2 was released, three years after the first part and it was also a huge success. 

The fourth part that was released with the name “Shrek Forever After” was released in late 2010 so here we have a piece of good news for the fans of the Shrek series is that the 5th part of the film is releasing soon. 

So today in this article we will be telling you everything about the new Shrek 5, stay with us till the end to know.

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When will Shrek 5 be Released?


Talking about the release date of this movie, the Release date is not yet been revealed by the universal pictures. 

But a piece of good news related to the film is that the sub-part of Shrek that is puss in boots is expected to be released in the year 2023, September 23.

The production for Shrek 5 was not started till 2021, it was postponed to the year 2022 and some reports say that the film will be with us in the theaters between September 2022 to December 2022.

But still, nothing is confirmed yet.

Who will be in the cast in Shrek 5?


After the release of Shrek forever after or Shrek 4, the cast of the whole movie is waiting to give voice in the latest part which is Shrek 5.

The voice artists of Shrek (Mike Myers), Fiona(Eddie murphy), and donkey(Cameron Diaz) have given statements that they are always ready to give the voice to the characters and they also said that they will join the work as soon as the script will be all ready.

This is great news for the fans because the change in the voice of the characters in the movie will affect a lot of the fans.

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Shrek plot: What is happening with Shrek 5?

shrek 5 plot

An interesting fact related to the Shrek series is that it was planned to be released in five parts only, the film producer of Shrek 2 told this in an interview back in 2005.

The plot is expected to be new and the movie will have a fresh start with a new story. 

The story of Shrek two revolved around the life of Shrek and how he lived in the swamp with his friends there. 

There are high chances that the fifth part of the Shrek series will be a reboot, screenwriter Michael McCullers have composed the content for the film. 

The variety also announced that both puss in boots 2 and the Shrek five will be a reboot for sure.

Despite all the discussion related to the release of Shrek 5 in 2019, it didn’t get released in the theaters.

There was a huge debate among the fans and the creators about the plot of the fifth part of the series the discussion was all about whether Shrek 5 will be a sequel or it will be an action film with twists and turns.

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So this was all about Shrek 5, we talked about the release date of the film.

After that, we discussed the cast, and the last, we talked about what will be the plot of the film.

We hope that your doubts regarding the film are cleared now. We hope that the film will be released soon.

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