What Is Smite Source? The Ultimate Guide to SmiteSource (2024-Updated)

Smitesource is gaining popularity day by day, it is basically a video game that numerous people play. In this game (Smite Source), you will see completely different locations where the gods and the enemy are supposed to clash. During the mythology period, you are able to choose either the role of a god or the part of a legendary hero.

Now let us allow you to give you complete information about the game.

What Is Smite’s Source?

In SMITE, the players face off on a specific map within the context of a unique set of rules. The game is a MOBA which is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. SMITE gives players the control of one character, which is God.

These mythological creatures have unique abilities that develop along with their experience levels, and they are each known from different mythologies. While SMITE is different from the typical MOBA game, it is still a fun and engaging in-game. Unlike other games where players control their character using the mouse buttons, they use the W, S, A, and D keys.

Moreover, the screen is bigger than the previous one. As a gamer, you view the character from behind its back instead of above it. There usually are two teams fighting to win in these types of games. As a first step toward achieving that, you must first gain experience, promote your god to the next level, and enhance his abilities.

Gold is an essential part of the game, which allows you to earn it by killing Last Hitting minions or other evil characters. Gold grants you better items and gives your character strength – the more gold you have, the better your items and the stronger your character. Players must traverse the enemies’ watchtower and Phoenix buildings in order to win the game. After you beat the fiery bird, you can easily reach the enemy’s base.

At the bottom, you will find the final enemy: named Titan. Once you defeat Titan, the game is over.

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Which Characters Appear in Smite?

Throughout Smite, mythology is a central theme. All characters are tied to pantheons of mythological characters or legendary figures. In Smite, all of the players take on the roles of these mythical creatures.

You can, for instance, play Merlin the Arthurian, Jing Wei the Chinese, Horus the Egyptian, and Hindu Kali, amongst other characters. As a shorthand for a character in Smite, ‘God’ is used.

Who Developed Smite Source?

The game SMITE is an online MOBA Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and ARTS action real-time strategy developed by Titan Forge Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios. Currently, players can play the game on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

In this session-based combat game, players select one of many gods, immortals, and creatures available from ancient mythology.

The characters are each equipped with different abilities and fighting styles. In this session-based arena combat game, five players compete against another set of 5 players. However, there are several other Game Modes with different objectives. Generally, the purpose is to defeat the Titan located in the opposing team’s base while protecting your own Titan.

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How to Play This Game (Smite Game)

Once you have installed the game, you are all ready to play the game. Once you open the game to play, you will receive a quick tutorial. You can learn about Smite’s key gameplay features and aspects through the Training Arenas.

The Smitesource game cannot be described in words because no words can describe how you will play and the strategies you will employ. You just need a good team to play this game. You cannot win the very first game chapter. Also, You need good practice and teamwork to have mastery of this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made Smite Source?

Smite source was made by Hi-Rez Studios.

What are some alternatives to Smitesource pro build?

Best alternatives for smite source for pro builds are:

  • Smite.guru
  • SmiteFire
  • Gestal.gg

What do you mean by SR in smite game?

SR stands for Skill Rating, a measure to rate a player’s skill.

Who is the strongest God in Smite?

Strongest God in smite source game is King Arthur.

Wrapping Up

So this was everything about SmiteSource, we hope you like the article. If we missed anything regarding smitesource then you can share your views in the comment section below. We will definitely look to it.

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