[Solved] Starbound Won’t Launch Problem in Steam 

How to Solve Starbound Won’t Launch Problem in Steam – If you are playing the game, you might experience some issues. It happened with Starbound as well. Starbound, as opposed to other games, is a 2D game wherein the game world in each game is 3D. But that does not stop its popularity.

People love to play this game because of the beautiful storyline, actions, finding quests, and many more things. Even though every game has its flaws, we found this game crashed on launch. It does not pop up with error messages or dialog boxes. 

If you are also facing issues while playing this game, we have a solution and reason behind the cause. Let’s find out the answer before we discuss the primary cause of it. 

What causes Starbound not to launch?

starbound launching problem in steam

So you are to get to know the primary reason Starbound could not launch from Steam. Mods are the main issue. If you are using mods, the game will crash. Another issue is compatibility.

This game isn’t fully compatible with Windows 10, so you may not be able to play it if you’re running Windows 10. Moreover, if you use the Steam client, the game is automatically set not to run some launch options. The issue may also be caused by overlay applications, as multiple users have confirmed.

Considering that you now know why you encounter errors while playing the game below, you can find quick solutions to eliminate these errors. 

How to Fix Starbound Won’t Launch Problem in Steam

  • Play as administrator
  • Remove all Launch Options
  • Disable Applications that use overlays

How to Solve Starbound Won’t Launch issue?

Play as an administrator.

To avoid the crash, you should first launch the game as an administrator. Here’s a method to fix Starbound not launching properly with mods. Follow these steps.

  • Right-click the game shortcut on the desktop.
  • Choose the file location option from the menu.
  • The game installation folder will automatically be opened.
  • You can find the launcher file there.starbound not opening
  • Right-click > Run as administrator.
  • It is now apparent that the game is not crashing.

Remove All the Launch Options

There is always another way if one has not succeeded. Removing all the launch options that are set has helped fix the Starbound won’t launch 2019 problem. Use the following instructions.

  • If you are using the Steam Client
  • Find Starbound in the game library, then right-click on it
  • Click on Propertiesstarbound won't launch fixed
  • Select the Launch options tabhow to fix starbound won't launch
  • You need to delete everything and save an empty file.
  • You can now play the game efficiently.

Applications that use overlays should be disabled.

There is also a possibility that the overlay applications may be responsible for Starbound not launching the 2018 issue. You might experience a crash if you have any overlay programs running. The following is a list of overlay programs.

  • Spotify
  • Discord
  • Streaming application
  • Recording applications

Final words 

These are some of the methods we mentioned above to resolve your issue while launching the Starbound game. After reading this article, we hope you eliminate your game issues and enjoy the Starbound game without errors.

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