How to View Valorant Stats – The Ultimate Valorant Tracker Guide

Even though Valorant didn’t come out until 2020, it’s already become a fan favorite among first-person shooters. Indeed, it hasn’t quite become as popular as other Riot Games staples like League of Legends. However, it is one of the most popular freemium games, with an estimated 12 million active players each month.

Furthermore, it has rapidly established itself as a mainstay of the competitive video gaming scene. Late in the year 2020, Riot Games will launch the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT). The Valorant Masters is the culmination of a yearlong series of regional competitions. Valorant Champions is the tournament’s grand finale, featuring 16 of the best teams from all around the world competing for a $1 million prize fund.

Planning to use a Valorant tracker is essential if you want to make a living as an esports player. You can keep tabs on everything from your kill count and victory rate to your defensive and offensive statistics with the help of a Valorant stat tracker. This is much more than merely monitoring your progress.

To keep tabs on how their friends and guild mates are faring, many users utilize Valorant’s stat trackers. Try a Valorant tracker out for the first time! Find the most excellent tracker that Valorant has to offer with the help of our detailed guide.

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What is Valorant Stat Tracking

valorant stats tracking

Nowadays, it’s easy to track your gaming statistics thanks to various games’ built-in Application Programming Interface (API). Riot Games, the developers of Valorant, have not yet released an application programming interface. Thus, a third-party Valorant tracker is required for data monitoring. There is a wide variety to choose from, with most Valorant stat trackers providing comprehensive functionality.

Using a Valorant stat tracker will not only record your game results but will also highlight your weak spots. Once you utilize a tracker, statistics like your kill/death ratio, headshot %, and overall win rate will become crystal evident. They are a priceless tool for growth since they highlight weak spots and help you strengthen them. They may be used to one’s advantage by newcomers to advance rapidly in one’s career. A stat tracker is a must, even for the strongest Valorant players.

After deciding on a Valorant tracker, the next step is to get it on your computer. You must log in with your Riot Games credentials and provide access to your account before these trackers may analyze your gameplay. There should be no cause for alarm if you have selected a reliable Valorant statistics monitor. If you’re looking at a less well-known tracker, you should make sure you know what data it wants to collect before installing it.

Here are some Trackers that help select the perfect Valorant stat tracker

Valorant view Stats

Tracker. gg

Those in need of a user-friendly tool can go no further than Tracker. Tracker, which meticulously records your in-game performance, is a fantastic alternative for people with little familiarity with third-party stat trackers. Almost every measure of your performance as a player can be found here, making it simple to get your bearings and see where you can improve.

Tracker is a very adaptable solution since it includes a separate mobile app. You can use Tracker to help you grow as a person even when you’re not at a desk. The supportive user base of Valorant is yet another tool’s impressive characteristic. Playing guidelines written by other players are available in abundance. You may also contribute to these if you like. Here, you may share your discoveries of new places to hide or vantage points on Valorant’s various maps. If the Tracker community favorably receives your advice, you may get virtual incentives for sharing it.

Valorant stats tracking using Tracker. gg

Almost every facet of a Valorant game may be tracked using Tracker. Those interested in comprehensive data on maps, agents, and weapons will find it very helpful. Tracker has a lot going for it, feature-rich and accessible from both a computer and a mobile device, but it also has some limitations. Tracker, like many other free services, is supported by advertising. These advertisements significantly increase the likelihood that you will miss anything crucial.

ValorantStats. xyz

Many Valorant stat trackers try to cover too much ground to be of any real help—the data on ValorantStats.XYZ proves otherwise. This cutting-edge Valorant tracker emphasizes your preferred playing style to provide you with the most relevant feedback.

The fundamentals are all laid out for you. In-depth information on your performance on certain maps and with specific agents will be available. Also, you’ll have better information on how to effectively organize your squad and what weapons to bring into battle. If you’re always coming up short in games, this data should help you improve your odds of success.

Valorant stats tracking using ValorantStats. xyz

ValorantStats.XYZ’s feedback is tailored to each game you play, which is another beautiful feature. This is a lifesaver when trying to master a new agent or boost your performance on a specific map. It also helps compensate for the game’s absence of a progress meter. You may see how you perform across all matches and in every statistical category using the ‘Lifetime Overview’ function.

ValorantStats.XYZ isn’t flawless, however. The informational barrage may be overwhelming for newcomers, but the depth of analysis is not lacking. In addition, many players have complained that the Valorant statistics tool is plagued with glitches. This reduces its usefulness and produces biased statistics that might lead you astray.

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Dak. gg

A dak is a good option for those searching for a simple Valorant tracker. However, it isn’t the greatest. Dak’s simple interface makes it ideal for newcomers. You can monitor your victory percentage, average kills, average damage, and more.

Valorant stats tracking using Dak. gg

Dak also gives us information on how the other players are doing. If you want to measure your progress against industry standards, this is an excellent resource for you to utilize. More advanced analytics, like pick rates, are also available in Dak. You won’t have to look for this data elsewhere since it comes straight from the playing community. As with every single patch update from Riot Games, Dak gains prominence. The best agent combinations may be determined, for instance, with the help of this monitor. On top of that, it might point you toward the best tools and skills to hone for advancement. Dak may end up being too restrictive for the skilled player. While it’s a fantastic resource for new players, it lacks the personalized feedback that other Valorant stat monitors provide.


Many people use Overwolf because it is a tremendous stat tracking app. It offers tracker applications for popular games like DOTA 2 and Rainbow Six, up-and-coming esports games like Hearthstone, and its own Valorant stat tracker.

Valorant stats tracking using Overwolf

Overwolf’s Valorant stat tracking software stands out from the crowd, with over a million downloads. Overwolf takes a more holistic approach than competing trackers by integrating a suite of tools that monitor a wide range of gaming metrics. Even while it might be challenging to understand at first, this ultimately makes fine-tuning your performance a breeze. Also, this monitor works in real time for your convenience. More seasoned gamers will appreciate this feature.

When you have real-time access to data, you can adjust your strategy accordingly and increase your chances of success. Overwolf may also be linked to third-party software like Tracker. This coincidental feature will surely be a hit with anybody who likes the Tracker Twitch overlay or the insights into weapon statistics. Similar to the Tracker community, the Overwolf user base is also sizable. You need an expert-written, comprehensive guide to Valorant. There’s a lot to be had here.

Any downsides to Overwolf? Just a few. But for some who aren’t tech-savvy, synchronization across apps might lead to confusion. As an added downside, Valorant newbies may find the real-time displays annoying. You’ll need to learn how to use this stat tracker to get the most out of it.

Blitz. gg

Valorant stats tracking using Blitz. gg

Valorant players’ stat tracker? Valorant professionals like Blitz. This app isn’t only for esports. This tracker is popular. Since 2022, 5 million people have downloaded Blitz.

Blitz, a virtual coach, has a solid stat tracker. First, download it and run it alongside Valorant. This article covers Valorant’s gameplay. You can see your performance on particular maps, with specific agents and weaponry. Blitz provides selection rates and wins rates for agents if you need inspiration.   The best agent compositions are on Blitz.

A user-friendly dashboard displays these essential facts. This customizable dashboard helps you track progress. After a match, Blitz analyses what happened. You may instantly start improving. Blitz is the stat tracker of choice for many professional teams. You’ll never outgrow Blitz’s stats. Some users dislike using a separate stat tracker client. You don’t need Riot Games credentials.

How can I Utilize a Valorant Stat Tracker?


Keep score if you’re having trouble winning Valorant bouts. You may quickly and easily check a comprehensive breakdown of your essential playing data. One possibility is that you are underutilizing your potential. Perhaps there are specific maps at which you excel while others struggle. You may be picking the ideal agent for your play style. All of this and more may be learned with the help of a stat tracker.

If you’re starting, choose a simple tracker that won’t get in the way as you play. Dak’s minimal design and streamlined statistics won’t overwhelm you. You’ll probably discover, however, that you’ve swiftly outgrown it. Blitz is the best option for most gamers since it facilitates the transition from amateur to professional status.

No third-party tracking program is foolproof since Riot Games hasn’t released a dependable API. You probably won’t be able to look back on your whole gaming career and get any helpful information. To keep up with your progress, you’ll need to visit your chosen tracker frequently. Complying with regulations is another essential factor to think about. In theory, using a stat tracker shouldn’t get you in trouble with Riot Games.

Valorant tracking

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How to Access the Complete Valorant Leaderboard Stats

A complete leaderboard may be seen on Valorant’s official website. There are no detailed statistics provided. The distance from the top 10 players and the number of games you need to win are valuable metrics to remember. Follow these steps to see your standings on Valiant:

  • Visit the Valorant homepage.
  • Follow the “Search Leader Boards” link with a hash and the player’s name you’re looking for.
  • You may verify the newly displayed page using the “Enter” button. You’ll be able to see your win percentage, rating, and position among all players for the season.


You shouldn’t be at risk of being banned if you use any of the stat trackers I’ve described above since they all comply with Riot Games’ restrictions. There is still a possibility that the creators may decide to take a different approach at some point in the future. There is a certain amount of ambiguity around any Valorant stat tracker that requires you to log in with your Riot Games credentials. This is why Blitz, which has its client, is utilized by many people.

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