Here is how you can fix Void (document.oncontextmenu=null) in easy steps. There are several things which you will love at first glance. It might be quoted, some kind of writing you may want to copy and use in your way. Some websites protect their content from theft and being copied unknowingly, resulting in you not copying it no matter how hard you try.

By doing this, they have strong protection against copying. It is possible to solve your problem using Javascript’s oncontextmenu null construct. The purpose of this article is to present possible solutions to this problem. So let us first get to know more about the void. 

What does void oncontextmenu mean?

The same way every problem has a solution so does a void oncontextmenu. For this, there are few methods to change the inability into ability. Copying other content is not a good thing. When you can write the words on your own, you must write instead of copying.

If you can save a series of troubleshooting steps somewhere else, we will make it a lot easier for you to resolve your problems. Many people are not as knowledgeable as we are because you cannot find its solution easily.

What to do if websites block the right-click option

It is common for the website admin to use HTML code or Javascript code to disable the right-click functionality to prevent copying the content. Void document oncontextmenu null provides a solution to this, but it is not a simple one.

The next time you visit a website, paste in “void oncontextmenu null” to the URL on top, and you will be able to copy everything on the website easily. However, every advantage comes with a disadvantage.

In this method, you have to paste the “void oncontextme.” That means you need to either copy all the content once or choose the copy content wisely. Among the many tricks available, this one provides web admins with the most reliable results.

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Is there any most effortless way to save the webpage?

We have found that the quickest way to get around the right-click block is to save a copy of the entire page as HTML. After that, you can open it in your web browser again. From there, you can click, copy, paste, and do what you like. When you want to use several different quotes or pieces of code, this method works well.

Almost all browsers are supported by this, although Edge users may need to save the page as HTML and, afterward, open the page in Firefox or Chrome to get it working. If that does not work for you, you may face the same problem we did.

The next step is to explain how you can use Firefox, Chrome, Javascript to help you copy the content. 

You should disable JavaScript altogether:

There is the potential for websites to be broken by this method. You can disable JavaScript if a site is using it to obstruct your right-click dialog. Depending on what browser you are using, you can disable it.

 In Mozilla Firefox:

  • For this, in Firefox, you can open a new tab while typing. ‘about configuration.’
  • After that, search for javascript.
  • Activate JavaScript by clicking twice. You can enable it as false coding.

 In Google Chrome:

  • To change your settings, click the three-dot menu icon at the top of the screen.
  • You can find your Privacy and Security settings under Advanced and Material.
  • You have to activate JavaScript and toggle it off.
  • Several websites will not function correctly or at all if JavaScript is disabled. Make sure you disable this feature only if you have no other choice.

Take the help of a plugin

Using a browser plugin to temporarily disable Javascript and allow you to copy whatever you like is always recommended as opposed to erasing it altogether. Look for the plugin within your browser.

Make searching more accessible by using keywords like best click. The search results are numerous but select the right plugin based on your needs, and the reviews are given. Make sure your search is among the top pages.

Download Plugin for Firefox here

Download Plugin for Chrome here

Wrapping up 

In the article, we do not support copy and snippet writing at all, but sometimes we badly need some random quote, or writing portion, that we need to copy, but because of restrictions, you are unable to do it.

We have included “void document oncontextmenu null” in our unique method, so you do not need to worry about anything. You should stick with the methods mentioned above since they are safe and secure and do not cause any damage to the browser.



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