FFXIV Character Search | How to use Player Search in FFXIV

FFXIV Character search is a feature in FFXIV, by which you can search for your character and get details about it. If you are searching for player characters using ffxiv’s player search feature, you can easily find these players by going to the game’s main menu. In this, you can get more than 200 listed results. Those that are physically closest to the player’s character. 

The main menu offers a party section where you can interact with other players. After right-clicking your username, you will be prompted to edit the search information related to that party member, and you will be able to modify your search information to the extent necessary. Also, FFIXV’s new game plus has been launched with new features

Search Condition

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As soon as you select the search terms, new videos will open for you in which the player can specify the search conditions for better and more accurate results. 

Now you will see some options on the screen, and you can select according to you.

  • Do a partial search for both the last and the first of your name.
  • Selecting your online status

The icon will appear from among these three choices. It will not highlight illustrations for the middle icon.

  • Current Class and Level

An icon representing a job can also be seen if you have acquired a position that corresponds to the displayed class.

  • Selected class and Level 

When you have an online status of “Seeking a Party,” you will also see the job icon if you have acquired a job corresponding to the declared class. 

  • Select your native language.

The default setting in FINAL FANTASY XIV Config is the same as what has hatched in FINAL FANTASY XIV. The choice of a language can, however, be made by the user. You can change the language of the game. 

  • Select Level

To begin the search, click Execute after selecting all alternatives.

All specified conditions must be met before the player’s social window will display the article. The player’s name will appear under the right-click menu if you want to look at the search information. 

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Multiple Classes


Changing the online status of their characters to the party quest and then selecting corresponding icons allows them to engage in multiple class quests. Their current course will only appear in searches if no class is highlighted.

ffxiv character

Any selected class and the current class of the player will be limited. In this way, other players will know that these are the specific classes they want to play, even though they may choose from additional classes.

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we told you how you could search for characters in ffxiv and optimize them. However, it also has some specific classes with limited players, with which you can advance the game.

We hope that you liked this article, do tell us about it in the comment section. 

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