Top 4 Great Online Services to Help You Work

You can find a lot of cool and interesting sites on the web. But, often, few people talk about them due to their low popularity. So today I’ve selected 4 excellent online services to help you in your work.

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If you work with text documents in different languages, and you feel sorry to spend time on translation, then this online tool is exactly for you. With Fluently, you can type text in the language you’re used to and get the translated version at the same time in several languages. That way you won’t get lost in your notes and you can correct inaccuracies right away.


The text editor has a built-in multi-language grammar check and synonym library, as well as all the usual tools of markup and text formatting. Over 71 single languages have been added. Fluently will not only help make fast translations but also tell you how to improve your content.


When we work at the computer or visit this online bookmaker in the evening after completing all our tasks, it greatly affects our eyes. But, often, we are so engrossed in the process and want to finish quickly that we don’t even think about relieving our eyes. Chances are, you’ve heard many times about exercise and how important it is. The truth is, few people have ever done it.

The main reason we don’t practice this kind of exercise in our daily lives is that we’re too lazy to find exercise. Blimb helps your eyes rest. You don’t have to register or download an app. You just go to the site and start doing exercises while watching the point. The process helps get your eye muscles back in tone and takes only 3 minutes, but gives you strength for an hour.

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Surfing the Internet is an essential part of our day. Sometimes you come across an interesting article but have no time to read it or have to go somewhere urgently. In such situations, Pocket is the best tool that saves interesting articles, videos, and web pages. You can read them at any time, even offline.

Pocket saves articles in an easy-to-read form – without ads, pop-ups, and banners. There’s even a voice-over function for your content. Pocket can be downloaded to any device. There is an extension for all browsers that allows you to add new content with one click.

Pocket is good for anyone because you can just enjoy content with it, or you can use it to work, saving interesting and useful articles.

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This is a free service that allows you to easily and securely share files directly between devices without first uploading them to a server. You don’t need to download an application or register to use it. Go to the site and an algorithm will detect users near you who have ShareDrop open. Data is transferred directly between devices, which provides excellent download speed.

It is also possible to share the information between devices in different networks. To do this it is enough to send a link or a QR code to the user with whom you would like to share the file.

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