GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory – Fixed

In GTA 5 (Game Theft Auto 5), players often get the message out of memory while playing, which simply According to the reports, this error comes up with an error message “Out of game memory. Please reboot and restart the game.”.

An error code ERR_MEM_EMBEDDEDALLOC_ALLOC Sometimes, this message code also appears in some different numbers like ERR_MEM_MULTIALLOC_FREE – Game memory error. Please reboot and restart the game.

This memory error on GTA 5 games mostly appears when you launch the game from your computer. And you are constantly facing such problems. This article will tell you some tips related to the game; Will act as a helper in your situation. After that, you will find it easy to play and launch the GTA Out of Memory 5 game. 

What Causes Out Of Game Memory Error in GTA 5 Game?

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This error notification usually happens when you are using add-ons or mods inside your game. Which you probably didn’t know about that. But there can be several other reasons for this. We tell you what the chances are of you crashing in a GTA 5 game.

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Problematic Modes/add-ons:

Using third-party add-ons can be good for your game, But what should be their limit? Perversely, you have to think about it because the processes performed by them conflict with your system, crashing the game.

Nasty GPU Driver:

The Graphics driver is the main component that helps in running the game. If the element is old or about to be updated, you will find it challenging to play the game, and this also becomes the main reason for the error message. 


The version of DirectX is likely to have some effect on the game. For example, if not the player has the wrong edition, you will not start the game.

Wrong Video Card Choice: 

People use a spare video card rather than one video card on their computer. It is also one reason; you need to make sure you are using a dedicated card.

In system error: There may be an error condition in your computer system. For this, you can do a simple restart.

If you are trying to recover, first make sure that you have logged into your account as an administrator. Also, make sure you have an active open internet connection. Finally, do not use any firewall or proxy server. Now we are going to tell you how you can solve these errors.

Power Cycling Your System; 

If you’re technically having trouble with GTA 5, first check if you’ve power cycled your entire system. By doing this, it will remove any error condition, which is any module in your computer. Power cycling means restarting the computer. It thoroughly cleans the RAM of the computer. 

  1. For this, completely shut down your computer, PC, laptop.
  2. Press the Power key for 30 seconds which you probably didn’t know about that.  It will force the static charge and excess power to drain out.
  3. Wait 3-5 minutes before running full. Try restarting the game and notice if the intricacy is resolved.

How to Fix GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory?

Fixing GameConfig File

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  1. If you have used third-party mods/add-ons for the game, then it is most likely that the “GameConfig” file is either not working or not. It is common because it can happen if, by chance, you download the wrong “GameConfig” file. For this, you need to navigate to a website and replace your config file with the correct version.
  2. Open your browser and navigate to GTA5 Mode.
  3. Now choose the search icon present on the top-right side of the screen and type ‘GameConfig” in the dialog box, and press enters to search.
  4. Now choose the edition of the “GameConfig” file. You can continually select a special edition depending on the performance of the game you have installed.
  5. Now install OPENIV on your computer; if not, then start OPENIV.
  6. Now in OPENIV, navigate by using the address bar to the following path. First, Make it clear that you are in the GTA 5 catalog.
  7. Click on Edit Mode present in the address bar. There, press yes. 
  8. Copy the “GameConfig” file from the file you are downloading now. After performing all the operations, save the changes and exit.
  9. After doing this, launch the game and see if the error message is gone.

Changing GTA 5 Command-Line

GTA 5 also comes with a command-line feature from which you can add commands you want to execute at the game’s startup. This file is a text file found in the root directory of the game. A single lousy command line can kill the game; it’s best to replace it.

  1. Navigate to the catalog where GTA 5 has been placed on your computer. 
  2. Now search for the text file ‘commandline.’ Text. ‘ If it is not present, right-click anywhere and choose New > Text Document.
  3.  After clearing the command line, you have to search for the ‘-ignoreDifferentVideoCard’ command. If it exists, delete
  4. Save the new text file by restarting your computer. Now after restarting the game, the error will be gone.

Reversing DirectX version

After a lot of investigation, we have discovered that many users cannot launch their game using DirectX 11. But nothing like this happened with DirectX 10. 

We tell you all the versions of DirectX. 

  1. DirectX 11 (with or without MSAA): game crashes in 5-10 minutes
  2. In DirectX 10.1 (with MSAA): game crashes in 5-10 minutes
  3. DirectX 10.1 (without MSAA): The game doesn’t drop at all.
  4. You can execute this by opening the menu in GTA 5 and navigating to Graphics > DirectX Version. From there, you can choose the version of DirectX and modify the location of MSAA.
  5. Change the version and restart your computer. Now restart the game and detect if the error seen in the game is resolved.

Reinstalling Graphics Drivers Using DDU 

If all methods are not working correctly on your computer, the graphics driver installed on your computer may need to be updated. Many times due to these reasons, errors have been encountered when restarting the game.

You update the graphics drivers again by using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU).

  1. Navigate to the official NVIDIA website and download the latest driver for your graphics card. 
  2. Place the graphic driver you downloaded in an accessible location and download the DDU utility.
  3. Install your Display Driver Uninstaller, launch your computer in Safe Mode. 
  4. On restarting DDU, select the first option, “Clean and Restart.” It will enable you to uninstall the current drivers from your computer completely.
  5. After doing all these steps, you will see that the error is resolved. If this does not happen, then restart the computer once. 

Reinstall The Game

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If the game’s errors do not end even after doing all this, the problem will not be on your computer. So you reinstall it but keep in mind that you can backup your GTA 5 by saving it in your cloud or memory. Because once the game is deleted, it destroys all the progress.

  1. Press Windows + I to launch Settings and select the Apps category.
  2. Once you uninstall the program, restart your computer. After this, you have two options or download the game afresh, or you have already downloaded the version, then you can install the game from there.

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Wrapping Up 

This blog gives you tips on fixing the message that appears in GTA 5 out-of-game memory.  Through these tips, you can improve your ground and play the game comfortably. We hope that you have benefited from the information given in this blog.

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