How to Send Direct Message to a Private Account on Instagram 

It is pretty simple to send a direct message on a public Instagram account then send one on a private Instagram account. If they haven’t accepted your following request, you cannot message their private account.

If you go to their private account, you probably see that to send a message, and the message button is not visible. So you can’t send a message to them whether you want to or not. Your first thought might be that you can’t send a DM to a private account.

It is, however, possible. Even though you may not be following an Instagram account, you can still send a message to it. Using the instructions below, you will be able to send a message to a private Instagram account.

How to Send a Dm to a Private Instagram Account

If you would like to send a direct message to a private profile on Instagram, visit their profile, tap the three dots on the right side of their username, and click Send Message.

Detailed instructions are provided below:

The First Procedure:

  • To send a direct message to a private Instagram account, open the Instagram app and select the private account.
  • Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of their profile to move to their profile. Below their profile will be a list of options. Tap Send a message to get in touch.
  • This will open the chat window, and you can send a message to the person.

Send DM to Private Account on insta

Here, you can also use an alternative method to accomplish this.

The Second Procedure:

  • Go to your chat by tapping the chat icon in the screen’s upper-right corner when you open the Instagram app.
  • You should type the username of the person you would like to send a Direct Message to on the Search bar.
  • Tap on the profile you want to chat with, and the chat window will open.

Using this method, you can easily send a message to a private account and get in touch with them, but they have to accept your message request before you can continue the conversation. 

How to Message a Private Instagram Account on Pc

Send DM to Private Account

If you do not follow someone on Instagram, you cannot send them a message directly from their profile if you are using the web version on a mobile browser or a PC. You can, however, send them a message through another means.

Like Procedure 2, this is similar to how it is explained above.

  • The first thing you should do is tap the chat icon at the top.
  • You will find a search field after tapping the pen and paper icon.
  • Search for their username and tap the desired result to chat with someone.
  • After selecting a user, click Next on the top right of the page.
  • Upon completion, you will be redirected to the chat section. In this way, you will be able to contact the company directly.

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Wrapping Up

We assume now you are able to send direct messages to a private account on Instagram whether you are on Android, iOS, PC, Laptop, iPad, tablet, or Mac. Don’t forget to smash the like button below:)

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