What is about:blank? How do I get rid of about blank on chrome?

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Whenever u tried to go to a certain webpage and instead of your anticipated results you see “about:blank” displayed in the address bar, where u were hoping for a URL, then you are facing the problem of about:blank. So let’s begin!!

First of all, don’t take it as a serious problem, but as being humans we have a sentiment of irritation and disgust as well, same with me when I have faced the same dilemma of what to do what not to in the case of about:blank but later I got rid of it, let me show you HOW?

What is about:blank?

about blank

So before solving any problem, we need to know about the problem itself. The term about:blank is nothing but, a blank page displayed by your internet browser when it has
nothing to show or display. It is not a component of the internet it is your browser’s. You may have encountered about:blank in internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and others as well.

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What causes About:blank page?

  • The about blank page appears when you encountered a bad link or URL.
  • If the browser doesn’t know what to do afterward, means where is the destination, and when it doesn’t it will show you about: blank.
  • If Your browser examines something like malware, it will again open an about:blank page.

You might see about:blank at certain times, but if you are facing it continuously then please do check your malware protection (in case you are having antivirus or something like that) because it might be a signal that your system is suffering from a malware attack or virus.

Uses of about:blank

You may use about: blank as your home page in chrome HTTP. Some uses of about: blank are as follows:

Ensuring the privacy of users, limiting the use of bandwidth by opening a non-internet tab before a session, making the homepage blank (used by me also), and most importantly for avoid distractions.

It is not more than an evil monster that irritates and scared you when you are busy with some other important work, it suddenly pop-out on your screen and your mood is damn not good I would say, totally ruined.

By the way, about:blank keeps the start-up fast and with no distractions so far.

What does About:blank Error do?

However, about:blank occurs in many web browsers but here we are going to discuss mainly chrome, as it is the most widely accepted and used browser around the globe.

Same with me as well, my friends suggested me to have a try over others also but I feel it handy to use chrome other than anyone else, and secondly I am used to it as I m using it since 8 years. Maybe I am having a stereotype, but still, I love chrome only.

Now, back to the topic guys, about:blank in chrome, the about part instructs your browser to show internal, built-in pages.

E.g.- type about: downloads in your chrome browser search bar, to open the files download list.

Whenever u type about:blank in your address bar it will show u a blank page or an empty page having nothing, and be sure here, it is not a page on the internet, it is the one that your chrome browser has built-in.

And now it’s time for the CLIMAX regarding the about blank page.

How to Fix About:Blank Error?

Yeah, You have read it right, now I m gonna show you how I get rid of it-We can’t remove it permanently but here is a way that u will not see it again if u don’t want to.

If you always encounter a about:blank page, all you have to look upon is your web browser homepage.

In about:blank chrome, go to menu>settings. Scroll Down to “on startup” and click on “open the new tab page” or you can simply delete about:blank from the webpages that open on startup.

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Wrapping Up

So that’s the only and simple task that you can perform over your homepage, does it seems to be elusive, it will not, as I have explained to you from top to bottom in the layman’s way.


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