How to Fix Discord Crashing on PC

You might be wondering How you can fix Discord Crashing, don’t worry here is a proper guide with step-by-step illustrations. Discord is a popular video and text chat software designed specifically for PC gamers. It is used by millions of users. However, it has its share of problems and errors that users keep facing time and time again.

Several Discord users have reported experiencing crashes and freezes in the app. It can be frustrating as it takes you away from the seamless chatting and calling experience with your friends and fellow players.

While some users experienced crashes when launching the app, many experienced crashes or crashes mid-task. Now if you are facing the same issue, this guide will help you. Here, we are going to mention several fixes that will help you to fix Discord crashing or crashing issues.

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Why Discord Keeps Crashing on the PC

Fix Discord Crashing

If your discord is keep crashing, I will show you some exact reasons why and how to fix it. In this article, we are going to talk about fixing discord crash problems. Discord keeps crashing or freezing on your Windows PC, here is a complete guide on how to fix the freezing or crashing issues with the Discord app on your PC.

• Update Error:

Several users reported app crashes after updating it to the latest version. In this case, you don’t need to worry about it. It is just a bug in the software itself and it will likely be
resolved soon.

• Corrupt files:

Some corrupt files may have reached the local storage or cache. This can cause not
only crashes but also delays. But don’t worry; below we covered how to fix it in no time at all.

• Outdated Driver:

You may be using incorrect or outdated drivers. Usually, updating the drivers will
solve this problem.

• Storage issues:

If you are experiencing crashes on a mobile device, it is time to check storage. Some features within Discord may take up additional space. Other apps or background displays can also be to blame.

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How to Fix Discord Crashing on PC

  1. Update all your device drivers
  2. Clear Discord content from AppData
  3. Disable Hardware Acceleration
  4. Disable Compatibility mode for Discord
  5. Disable Key Bindings
  6. Uninstall, Then Reinstall Discord
  7. Turn on Legacy Mode
  8. Use Web Version

1. Update all your Device Drivers

The first thing you need to do to deal with Discord crashing or freezing issues is to upgrade all your device drivers. Chances are high that you are managing the problem at hand due to damaged or outdated device drivers. So, upgrade all your device drivers to their latest form, and after that check, if the problem is fixed or not.

There are 4 methods to follow;

  1. It is present within the Settings > Windows Update section. You can simply download
    and install all pending device driver updates from update
  2. Later, install the drivers by running the downloaded driver installer. Another way to
    update your device drivers by using the regular Device Manager app.
  3. Go to the corresponding device category and expand its dropdown menu. Right-click on
    your device. Click the Update Driver option. Follow the exact instructions given to
    complete the update process.
  4. There are many free updater software that allows you to update drivers automatically
    without any hassle.

When you are done updating your device drivers, restart your computer and then launch
Discord. Check if Discord is still freezing or crashing.

2. Clear Discord Content from AppData

Try clearing the app data associated with Discord if none of the above services are working for you. The cause crash can be caused by corrupted application data or cache connected to the Discord application. So removing the app data should help you fix the problem. The methods which you must follow;

Discord Crashing

  1. First, press Windows + R hotkey to open the Run dialog and enter %AppData%\ in it.
    Now, locate and open Discord.Discord Crashing solved
  2. Then, inside the Discord folder, double-click on the cache to open to solve Discord Crashing
  3. Once in the Discord cache folder, press the Ctrl + A hotkey to select all content and then press the Delete button on your keyboard to delete all data.Discord Crashing on pc
  4. Then go back to the Discord folder and open Local Storage, and delete all the files in that folder when you finish.Discord Crashing windows
  5. Restart the Discord app and see if the issue is now resolved.easy fixes for Discord Crashing

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3. Disable hardware acceleration

If the Discord app keeps crashing or freezing, you can try disabling the device. The acceleration functions in the application. This feature is used to perform some tasks perfectly. However, it can also cause stability issues with your app and can lead to crashes or freezing issues. So, try disabling it and then check if the problem is fixed.

  1. First of all, close all Discord-related tasks using the task manager.
  2. Now, open Discord and navigate to user settings.Discord Crashing issue
  3. Tap on the Appearance tab on the left-hand side, and turn off Hardware Acceleration.Discord Crash after opening
  4. Then finally, check if the issue is resolved or not. If not try other methods.

4. Disable Compatibility Mode for Discord

If Discord keeps freezing on your computer, the problem might be due to a compatibility issue. So, you can try to disable the Discord app’s compatibility mode and then check if the issue is resolved.

  1. First of all, close all Discord-related tasks using the task manager.
  2. Then go to the Discord app shortcut icon on your desktop and right-click on it.
  3. Then, in the opened context menu, select Properties. Compatibility tab and disable Run
    this program in compatibility mode.
  4. Finally, press the Apply > OK button to save the changes.

5. Disable Key Bindings

If you are using the Keybinds function of the Discord app as well as experiencing freezing issues or crashes with the app, try disabling it. Keybind is like keyboard shortcuts that you can set to perform a certain task on Discord with this method. However, some users have reported that using key binding can create discord to freeze from the start. If the scenario applies, disable it.

Let me show you the process:

  1. First of all, launch Discord and click on User Settings.
  2. Now, under Application Settings in the left pane, click on Keyboard Shortcuts.
  3. You will then see a list of keyboard shortcuts assigned with a red cross.
  4. Simply click on the red cross sign for each key combination to remove it.crashing discord
  5. Now you can restart your computer to see that changes.

6. Uninstall, and Reinstall Discord

The problem could be due to a corrupt installation or files associated with Discord causing it to crash or freeze. So, you can try to start with a fresh install of the app to get rid of the problem. Sometimes reinstalling an app or software clears all those corrupted .dll files and fixes many crash issues.

  1. First of all, you need to delete the app data associated with the Discord app.
  2. Press Windows + R hotkey to invoke Run and then enter %AppData%\ in it.
  3. Now, uninstall the Discord app by going to the Settings > Apps > Apps & Features section.
  4. When the Discord application is finished uninstalling, restart your computer.

To Reinstall Discord, visit the official website of discord and download it from there.

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7. Turn On Legacy Mode

It is possible that the Discord crashing issue will resolve by turning the legacy mode on. To turn on Legacy Mode follow the below-given steps:

  1. Navigate to user settings
  2. From the left panel tap on App settings and navigate to Voice & Video
  3. Under the Audio Subsystem tab, click on Legacy.Discord Crashing solution
  4. Save the changes and check whether the app is working fine or not.

8. If Nothing Works, Use Web Version of Discord

Discord allows you to use the web version in any browser you like, the most popular being Google Chrome. If the issue still persists then you should consider using the web version of Discord in order to use it smoothly.

  1. Search discord in your browserdiscord
  2. Visit the official site of the discord
  3. Tap on “Open Discord in Your Browser”discord
  4. Log in with your username and password.discord login
  5. Enjoy using Discord.

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Wrapping Up

Discord sometimes faces this kind of problem. Not only discord but there is much software that can face crash issues at any time. After following the given process your Discord crash issue will fix. Stay connected with us for more technical tips and tricks.

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