Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device Error Fixed Windows

Have you often faced errors in windows with the message “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device”? How come your Windows computer keeps disappearing?

We have the right solution for you. As well as providing you with answers to your queries, the objective of this article is to give you knowledge about how you can fix your system efficiently and without any hassles.

Additionally, you can fix the Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device error of Asus, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, and Gigabyte computers using the program. You will benefit from this guide no matter which Windows version you utilize: Windows 7, 8, 10, which means you can apply on every window.

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How To Solve ‘Reboot And Select Proper Device’ Error


If the BIOS cannot find or recognize the drive that your Operating System is installed on, this problem occurs. Otherwise, specific bootable devices, such as USB drives, CD/DVD drives, cannot be detected by your PC’s BIOS.  

It is also possible that this error could be caused by an unsuccessful Windows or BIOS update, reflecting problematic registry files damaged during installation or update. You may also encounter this problem if a severe virus attack has infected your computer.

There are several reasons for this, like a flawed operating system, a damaged or corrupted HDD/SDD, insufficient active partitions, or even a faulty connection. The problems can be solved in a variety of ways, no matter what their causes are.

The following steps will guide you towards resolving this issue on your PC. 

Step 1: Verify the rugged disk power cable

It must connect a power cable to your hard drive that stores your operating system. The computer likely cannot find the hard drive if your power cable is either broken, frayed, or disconnected.

  • You should restart your computer after you have shut it down.
  • You should locate the power cable for your hard drive disk that connects to your keyboard and look for signs of physical damage, as well as improper connections.
  • A similar error appears when the device seems to be correctly connected, but the error persists when removed from the computer.
  • You may need to replace the power cable if the error occurs on the test computer.

Step 2: Make sure your RAM is clean


If you haven’t cleaned or removed your RAM since you got your computer, this may be the reason for the error. Pull out the screws from the tower/bottom of your laptop and locate your RAM.

Remove your computer’s sideboard and clean the RAM as soon as you shut your computer off. You will need to slowly remove the RAM clamps from their positions once the clamps are unlocked.

Wipe the RAM with a soft cloth to remove any dust and then reposition them. To resolve the problem, clamp them in place, shut down your computer, then restart it.

Step 3: Make sure the BIOS detects the boot drive.

You should check whether or not the BIOS detects your boot drive on your computer. 

  • After your computer has booted, press the BIOS key post-screen to enter your computer’s configuration.
  • Usually, on the main screen of your BIOS, you will find a list of devices that your BIOS detects. You’ll need to include fans, hard disk drives, and any other hardware connected to your computer, like a DVD/CD drive.
  • Whenever your hard disk drive is not visible, shut down your computer.
  • If your computer is open, connect your hard disk drive to another SATA slot on your motherboard, or click your hard disk drive to another SATA slot with another SATA cable.

Step 4: You can opt to disable/enable legacy booting.

Your input and output system may come with a legacy boot feature that can cause a “reboot your system and select the proper boot device” error. It can fix this error message by simply disabling or enabling the option.

  • Enter the BIOS by restarting the computer.
  • The legacy boot is an option you need to find. It may be challenging to find it if you have to navigate all the tabs and settings in your BIOS.
  • When you find it, you should disable it right away. Allow it to run if it currently isn’t.
  • It should then exit the BIOS after making the changes.
  • Turn off your computer and restart it.

Step 5: Turn on best defaults in BIOS.


The problem is that your BIOS might be unstable if it is not fixed to its default settings. An unbalanced system may be the reason behind “reboot and select a proper boot device error.

If you wish to gain access, restart your computer, enter your BIOS, and find the “load optimal defaults” option. It will load defaults, and the computer will restart.

Step 6: Repairing automatically

The error message “Reboot and select a boot device” or “Insert a boot disk and press a key” can be resolved by starting an Automatic Repair on your Windows PC. The steps are:

  • Alternatively, you can place a bootable disk in the tray of your computer.
  • On the Welcome Page, you can select a language.
  • Click on Repair
  • Click on Troubleshoot.
  • Choose Advanced Options.
  • Afterward, elect Startup/Automatic Repair.
  • A restart of Windows will follow this process.
  • By now, it should resolve the problem.

Step 7: Restart Your Computer

Restarting your computer might help in solving the Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device errors on your PC.

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Wrapping Up

Those are primary tips for resolving reboot issues from computers and PCs. This article will help you determine your computer’s problem using these tips. If all the above methods are ineffective, then you can just replace the motherboard with a new one. Subscribe to our newsletter for new updates.

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